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The best route to market

There are several different ways we can market your property.

We'll guide you through what is the best route for you.

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This is the most common and well know method of sale and involves extensive advertising and marketing throughout the major property portals, our own website here and local press advertising, with My News Group, Watford Free Observer and (currently the only agent advertising) in the popular Friday's paid-for Observer.

Viewings are accompanied by one of our experienced staff at a time to suit.

For a full description of our unique marketing, please go to WHY CHOOSE US

Discreet Marketing

This is ideal if you wish to remain unpublicised and don't want to unduly concern family friends and neighbours before you are plans are a bit further progressed. You may, for example, be heavily involved in local business, activities or commitments and don't wish to cause unnecessary alarm at a preliminary stage. In these circumstances, we don't publicly market your home on the internet or in the press. Instead, we contact our extensive 'black book' database of genuine applicants looking specifically for property in your road. No marked fleet cars will be pulling up outside your door, no for sale boards and no people with clipboards, cameras or any other suspicious paraphernalia to start tongues wagging.

We can time a valuation and viewings within hours that generate the least attention and conduct them unaccompanied, if you wish.

Most people realise that to secure the purchase of your next property you need to have a buyer on yours. But what if you cannot find that dream home? Or things don't work out and you decide to stay put. Then you may not want the hassle of explaining over and over to all and sundry! Other circumstances, such as separation, might also dictate that a quiet exit is called for too and this approach is perfect for that also.

To book a discreet valuation, please click here or call David Clayton on 01923 677755

Open House

What is an Open House? Basically it means setting aside a day and time when you launch your home to all the interested parties rather than allowing viewings in dribs and drabs over weeks. Initially a date is set, usually a Saturday (but carefully avoiding a clash with any major sporting event). Then a period of intense marketing follows over 2 to 3 weeks during which time there is often an incredible amount of built up interest. It is important that each viewer is allocated a time slot on the day, typically, 15 minutes, to prevent the house from being flooded with too many people at the same time! Our experience tells us that you can expect approximately 30 potential buyers during the day.

Would it suit my property? The perfect property would be one where we are confident of getting enough interest for you. Your home should either be in a good location, unusual, needing work (and therefore, of potential interest to developers or people looking for a 'project') or simply a very desirable property.

Find out here if your home would be suitable as open house and save £200 on our fees by booking a valuation online.

Some of the benefits for holding an Open House day include having a group of potential buyers viewing and offering on the same day, which in turn can create more interest which may help you achieve a higher price.

  • Spring clean only once! It really is convenient and you don't even have to be there.
  • Less disruption to either you or any other occupiers (ie. If tenants are in residence).
  • Competitive fees. Certainly no more expensive than the traditional method of sale and in some instances cheaper.

A recent quote from one of our vendors "on our open day we went out for the day and you took care of everything. The following Monday we had 5 good offers and you negotiated a figure in excess of the asking price! Very happy" Mr & Mrs Bennett

The next steps

Viewings: All viewings are strictly accompanied unless otherwise agreed.

Feedback: Our company policy is to report feedback on all viewings within 24 hours and if we cannot reach you on the phone, we'll text the feedback to you.

Negotiation: All negotiations on your property will be conducted by an experienced senior member of staff.

Sales progressing: You will be fully updated at regular intervals regarding the process of your sale and any issues arising will be personally dealt with by Valerie Fraser. Much of our hard-won reputation for excellence has been built on her ability to keep our sales together. The national fall-through rate is 25%. (Ours is 5%!)