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I was listening to the radio during my short drive to the office last week when the presenter began talking about ‘Watford.’

He was waxing lyrical about visiting The Making of Harry Potter tour at Leavesden Studios. He said whenever he had previously thought of Watford his mind sprang to... more

The Kitchen – The Heart of your Home


During the 30 years I’ve been an estate agent I’ve seen plenty of prospective buyers fall head over heels with a home once their eyes took in a well designed, stylish kitchen.

Think about it for a minute. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, especially if it is spacious enough to... more

The start of something very big....


The Treasury  estimates  24,150 homeowners  in England alone have built ‘Granny Flats’ to help care for elderly relatives and  I predict that  this is the start of a... more

THE BLACK CURSE!..whose fault is it?

The first signs are black spots/spores of mould and an unmistakable stale smell-which is often incorrectly reported by tenants as damp.The problem can be avoided if the tenant follows some simple house rules that the Letting Agent should make clear at the start of the check in.We have found that this can save great expense... more


 We ALWAYS get feedback after every viewing but this week we received one of the STRANGEST COMMENTS..



....Apparently  the potential buyer was put off by the sighting... more

THE Naked Truth!

 Amongst the properties i valued this week was a  Semi Detached house..stunning inside and out  and you couldn’t fault it!

Well, there was one thing...


...a very large photo... more

Open days Vs Viewing Hours

Rather than have ‘blanket’ open days with dozens of viewers – ( some just ‘sight- seers”, inquisitive  neighbours and  some serious buyers ) all mixed up together and being corralled around houses like a week end trip to Ikea, we prefer controlled hours with five... more

Thanks Very Much … I Think.!

A lady viewed a retirement flat for the third time today. I said that I completely understood that she had a big decision to make and that she was very welcome to view the flat as many times as she needed.

Having now thought about it, I have decided to take her daughter’s reaction “you... more

Smelling your property...smells sell!


It has been a long known fact that if you walk into a home  holding your nose for the wrong reasons it is going to have a negative effect no matter how amazing the property is.... more




For a buyer that likes a bit of a challenge - and has plenty of spare cash - a beautiful 17th century Italian villa has hit... more





Whilst it is fair to say that I can only count on one hand the number of Estate Agents amongst my friends, there is an... more


Young, pushy and bloke-ish!  Hustling for the next deal not caring who they tread on to get there..well things are about to change for the stereotypical  Estate... more

What is happening to house prices in and around Watford?


What is happening to house prices in and around  Watford?


Well I hope you have had a great Christmas and a good start to the New Year despite the terrible weather.


December seemed to fly past and New Year came and went, now... more