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Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

 We ALWAYS get feedback after every viewing but this week we received one of the STRANGEST COMMENTS..



....Apparently  the potential buyer was put off by the sighting of a rather large spider in the bath! It lead me to do a bit of research..

..Whilst  i certainly wouldn’t let a spider put me off buying my next house i do usually get the wife to catch any spiders in our current home. However i have now learnt  that  they play a very  important part in our eco systems and eat flies and other insects effectively providing us all with a free pest control service.

Did you also  know?....that the number of spiders seen inside your home suddenly INCREASES AT THIS TIME OF YEAR as the males go on the hunt for a mate-often leading them into warm homes -where people frequently encounter them in their  baths or scurrying under the sofa! For arachnaphobics  out there, apparently placing a line of conkers along your door thresholds can be an effective way of keeping out any 8 legged learn something new everyday!


For the more curious/brave  amongst you The Society Of Biology is launching an App called ‘Spider in da house’ which cleverly identifies the 12 most common spiders in the UK. These include the jumping spider, Zebra spider and the rare but  scary sounding ‘spitting spider’. Think i would rather not know!