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Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Young, pushy and bloke-ish!  Hustling for the next deal not caring who they tread on to get there..well things are about to change for the stereotypical  Estate Agents- they are under threat.... from women!

It has been reported that there are an increasing number of females coming into the business who are able to offer a much more emphatic and caring service, during the often emotionally charged home moving process.   They are more approachable, people focused and a lot more successful than their male counterparts without even resorting to the hated “hard sell”. (74% of the top performing Estate Agents in the USA are of the fairer sex!)   


It is no coincidence that most of the staff here at Claytons are women too (with the exception of a couple of token males like myself!).This was not deliberate sexual discrimination – they just happen to have an abundance of the right qualities that have helped us become the officially recognised No. 1 top selling and rental agent in the whole of Watford and surrounding areas.