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Open days Vs Viewing Hours

Posted on Monday, August 18, 2014

Rather than have ‘blanket’ open days with dozens of viewers – ( some just ‘sight- seers”, inquisitive  neighbours and  some serious buyers ) all mixed up together and being corralled around houses like a week end trip to Ikea, we prefer controlled hours with five or six buyers – and no more – seeing the house with a Claytons Staff member on hand to oversee a manageable occasion. We’re asking people to spend thousands  of pounds and it doesn’t t feel it right to shove thirty people into a property at the same time.
More refined, our ‘viewing hours’ still create a ‘buzz’ and make buyers aware that there is a lot of interest – but still allow purchasers the space to make their minds up. Feedback from buyers who’ve take part in other agents’ “viewing circuses” is very negative and the process often puts serious buyers OFF. That’s why we show more courtesy to our pre-selected buyers – rather than encouraging a bun fight! We get better results, quality offers and a serious, and committed buyer who is keen to move forward rather than  viewers feeling pressured into bidding and later changing their mind.

What do you feel? Have you experienced ‘open house’ viewings as a buyer? Tell us your experiences! We’re really keen to strike the right balance for our sellers whilst giving every serious buyer the  chance to look around. E mail us