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THE Naked Truth!

Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Amongst the properties i valued this week was a  Semi Detached house..stunning inside and out  and you couldn’t fault it!

Well, there was one thing...


...a very large photo on the wall in the lounge. I plucked up the courage and suggested to the owner that whilst it was indeed a beautiful photograph of a beautiful lady, lying  on a beautiful beach , when selling it may be more appropriate to swap it for one of  just the beach or the beautiful  lady( his wife) , er.....wearing something! Another house i recently valued had a painting of a naked young man above  the fireplace , with his vital  statistics obscured  by (of all things ) a candle! There is never a dull moment in this job!

 Now, i am certainly not prudish but we want  viewers to leave your property thinking about the lovely garden or how they could knock 2 rooms into one to create more space rather than be distracted by completely  different images  (in the ) altogether!